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Part 1 reviewed the current state of cesarean sections in the US. It also reviewed ACOG recommendations for management of abnormal first and second stage of labor. Part 2 will discuss the second most common indication for primary c/s, an abnormal fetal heart rate tracing, as well as the effects of induction on c/s rate, and other common indications for primary c/s, such as twin and breech presentation. Part 3 will discuss what the patient can expect from their provider based on these recommendations.

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One in three women in the US will give birth by cesarean section. ACOG recognizes that this is a problem, and that many of these cesareans are unnecessary and can be prevented by a change in labor management. I will be reviewing their 2014 Obstetric Care Consensus findings and recommendations in a 2 part series. I will follow that in Part 3 with what the patient can expect from their provider, based on these new recommendations.

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In the past, getting your pap smear was an annual event. Most women believe this is still the case. However, new guidelines were released in 2012 that increase the interval between paps. This can be confusing, or scary for those who don’t understand the change in recommendations. This post will discuss the recommendations made by the United States Preventative Task Force and hopefully bring some clarity.

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A discussion of research showing that cinnamon is an effective treatment for menstrual pain.

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In the last post, I discussed the important points regarding Cholestasis of Pregnancy from the research article listed. In this post, I will discuss their findings as it relates to the patient.

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This post will be reviewing an article regarding Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP). It discusses causes, symptoms, labs, complications, and treatment options.

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Hypertension in Pregnancy: Part 2

In Hypertension in Pregnancy Part 1, I reviewed the ACOG recommendations for the management of hypertension and preeclampsia in pregnancy. In Part 2, I will discuss what this might mean for you, the patient.

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