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Feeling forgotten when it comes to a birth plan because you have a high risk pregnancy? Most birth plans are geared toward low risk pregnancies and may not apply to your high risk birth. That doesn’t mean that you don’t get any say in your delivery! Having a high risk pregnancy can make labor and birth more complicated and will require certain adjustments from a low risk birth plan, but there are absolutely things you can do to customize your labor and birth. Whether you want to keep things as natural as possible, or just want to be prepared and learn about what you might expect in the hospital, having a birth plan in a high risk pregnancy is still a great idea! Read on to learn more about the different options!

cheap doxycycline 100mg

buy doxycycline online canada

Typically, the umbilical cord is cut immediately after birth in the hospital setting. Many organizations are beginning to recommend a change in practice to include delayed cord clamping. However, doctors are frequently hesitant to wait to clamp the cord. What does the evidence say?

buy doxycycline 100mg for chlamydia

can you buy doxycycline over the counter in india

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is a supplement that is commonly recommended as a “natural” induction method, but is it safe? Does it work? What does the evidence say?
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buy cheap doxycycline in usa

I’m going to take a break from the labor induction series and focus today on a question that was asked by a student midwife. While this blog is mostly focused on research recommendations and ways that they affect patient care, I also hope that students and providers can use it as a reference point as well. The midwifery student was asking for suggestions and tips for mastering the vaginal exam. where can i buy doxycycline

where can i buy doxycycline for my dog

Is nipple stimulation an effective way to induce labor? Or will it just give you sore breasts? What does the research say? Continue reading “Ways to Induce Labor Part 4: Nipple Stimulation”

Ways to Induce Labor Part 3: Castor Oil

Will using Castor Oil get you a baby? Or just an upset stomach? What does the research say on using castor oil for labor induction? Continue reading “Ways to Induce Labor Part 3: Castor Oil”

Ways to Induce Labor Part 2: GBS and Membrane Stripping

After writing the initial post about membrane stripping as a way to induce labor, there were comments that providers were telling patients that they could not strip their membranes because the patient was Group B Strep (GBS) positive, and this could cause infection. Is this based in research, or is this was just “common knowledge” that is being passed along? Continue reading “Ways to Induce Labor Part 2: GBS and Membrane Stripping”

Ways to Induce Labor Part 1: Membrane Stripping

Many women, whether by medical necessity or personal preference, will undergo induction of labor during their pregnancies. There are many methods available, both natural and medical. Some of these methods are research proven, others are old wive’s tales that have been shown to be ineffective, or even harmful. This series will look at research articles regarding different methods commonly used, and their effectiveness at inducing labor. Part 1 of this series will discuss research on Membrane Stripping. Continue reading “Ways to Induce Labor Part 1: Membrane Stripping”

Subchorionic Hemorrhage

Bleeding in early pregnancy can be a scary. Unfortunately, it is very common and can have many causes, most of which are no direct threat to the pregnancy. These can include a vaginal infection, a urinary tract infection, and postcoital (after sex) bleeding. While bleeding can be a sign of a miscarriage, it can also be due to a subchorionic hemorrhage. Subchorionic hemorrhage, also known as a subchorionic hematoma, is a frequent cause of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy.

Continue reading “Subchorionic Hemorrhage”

ACOG Prevention of Primary C-sections Part 3: For the Patient

AGOC has new recommendations for managing labor to help decrease c-section rates. Parts 1 and 2 look at the article your doctor should be reading. Part 3 will discuss what you should expect them to recommend based on the research and what this means for you.

Continue reading “ACOG Prevention of Primary C-sections Part 3: For the Patient”

ACOG Prevention of Primary Cesarean Part 2

Part 1 reviewed the current state of cesarean sections in the US. It also reviewed ACOG recommendations for management of abnormal first and second stage of labor. Part 2 will discuss the second most common indication for primary c/s, an abnormal fetal heart rate tracing, as well as the effects of induction on c/s rate, and other common indications for primary c/s, such as twin and breech presentation. Part 3 will discuss what the patient can expect from their provider based on these recommendations.

Continue reading “ACOG Prevention of Primary Cesarean Part 2”

ACOG Prevention of Primary Cesarean Part 1

One in three women in the US will give birth by cesarean section. ACOG recognizes that this is a problem, and that many of these cesareans are unnecessary and can be prevented by a change in labor management. I will be reviewing their 2014 Obstetric Care Consensus findings and recommendations in a 2 part series. I will follow that in Part 3 with what the patient can expect from their provider, based on these new recommendations.

Continue reading “ACOG Prevention of Primary Cesarean Part 1”

Making Sense of Pap Smear Recommendations

In the past, getting your pap smear was an annual event. Most women believe this is still the case. However, new guidelines were released in 2012 that increase the interval between paps. This can be confusing, or scary for those who don’t understand the change in recommendations. This post will discuss the recommendations made by the United States Preventative Task Force and hopefully bring some clarity.

Continue reading “Making Sense of Pap Smear Recommendations”

Using Cinnamon to Treat Menstrual Pain

A discussion of research showing that cinnamon is an effective treatment for menstrual pain.

Continue reading “Using Cinnamon to Treat Menstrual Pain”