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Feeling forgotten when it comes to a birth plan because you have a high risk pregnancy? Most birth plans are geared toward low risk pregnancies and may not apply to your high risk birth. That doesn’t mean that you don’t get any say in your delivery! Having a high risk pregnancy can make labor and birth more complicated and will require certain adjustments from a low risk birth plan, but there are absolutely things you can do to customize your labor and birth. Whether you want to keep things as natural as possible, or just want to be prepared and learn about what you might expect in the hospital, having a birth plan in a high risk pregnancy is still a great idea! Read on to learn more about the different options!

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Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is a supplement that is commonly recommended as a “natural” induction method, but is it safe? Does it work? What does the evidence say?
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Is nipple stimulation an effective way to induce labor? Or will it just give you sore breasts? What does the research say? buy avian doxycycline

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Will using Castor Oil get you a baby? Or just an upset stomach? What does the research say on using castor oil for labor induction? where can i buy doxycycline over the counter

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After writing the initial post about membrane stripping as a way to induce labor, there were comments that providers were telling patients that they could not strip their membranes because the patient was Group B Strep (GBS) positive, and this could cause infection. Is this based in research, or is this was just “common knowledge” that is being passed along? buy doxycycline hyclate 100 mg

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Many women, whether by medical necessity or personal preference, will undergo induction of labor during their pregnancies. There are many methods available, both natural and medical. Some of these methods are research proven, others are old wive’s tales that have been shown to be ineffective, or even harmful. This series will look at research articles regarding different methods commonly used, and their effectiveness at inducing labor. Part 1 of this series will discuss research on Membrane Stripping. can you buy doxycycline in malaysia