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Typically, the umbilical cord is cut immediately after birth in the hospital setting. Many organizations are beginning to recommend a change in practice to include delayed cord clamping. However, doctors are frequently hesitant to wait to clamp the cord. What does the evidence say?

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Is nipple stimulation an effective way to induce labor? Or will it just give you sore breasts? What does the research say? where can i buy doxycycline hyclate online

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AGOC has new recommendations for managing labor to help decrease c-section rates. Parts 1 and 2 look at the article your doctor should be reading. Part 3 will discuss what you should expect them to recommend based on the research and what this means for you.

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Part 1 reviewed the current state of cesarean sections in the US. It also reviewed ACOG recommendations for management of abnormal first and second stage of labor. Part 2 will discuss the second most common indication for primary c/s, an abnormal fetal heart rate tracing, as well as the effects of induction on c/s rate, and other common indications for primary c/s, such as twin and breech presentation. Part 3 will discuss what the patient can expect from their provider based on these recommendations.

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One in three women in the US will give birth by cesarean section. ACOG recognizes that this is a problem, and that many of these cesareans are unnecessary and can be prevented by a change in labor management. I will be reviewing their 2014 Obstetric Care Consensus findings and recommendations in a 2 part series. I will follow that in Part 3 with what the patient can expect from their provider, based on these new recommendations.

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