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10 thoughts on “The Elusive Cervix: Tips for Performing a Vaginal Exam”

  1. My first “on my own” cervical check, I couldn’t find the os, the baby’s head was well down (1 plus at least), and I could clearly feel suture lines and fontanels. But I asked my preceptor to double check me anyway, because it felt ‘weird’ like a thin layer of crinkly cellophane. My preceptor, who had grown impatient with my insecurity, said “No.” So, I called it as a 10. We set her up, called the doctor and tried a few pushes; the mom, a multip, was doing well. When the doctor got there, he checked with his longer fingers,and found “ONE cm, 100% effaced, VERY posterior.” He left, after a few biting comments. My preceptor apologized for doubting my instinct, rechecked herself (with the patient’s permission; she maintained good humor throughout) and said “Oh, I see how this happened: this is the most effaced cervix I ever felt without the dilation being 9-10cm.”

  2. As for where to put your thumb, thumb over your ring finger like a girl scout salute.

    As for measuring station check out UK style from above. A baby’s head is 5 fingers breath starting with your pinky finger resting on the sympathis how many fingers above till you reach the neck? On this page is a pretty straight forward explaination of how it is done
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