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One thought on “Ways to Induce Labor Part 4: Nipple Stimulation”

  1. I’m a doula in Chicago, and just last night I witnessed the judicious use of a breast pump to augment/ induce labor in a hospital setting. Patient was held for an induction at forty one weeks 2 days, after baby showed some decels during a check-up. A low dose of pitocin had gotten early labor started, but after a few hours it spaced out. The patient wanted to avoid increasing the dose, to protect her hopes for a physiologic birth with freedom of movement and minimum interventions. Amazing midwife team took her off the pitocin, let her rest, walk around and shower, and borrowed a breast pump from the postpartum unit. They tried ten minutes on each breast, once an hour, with continuious monitering for hyperstimulation. After the second round, labor began in ernest. Pitocin was not restarted, and after five hours of very mobile, instinctive, trance-like unmedicated labor, baby was born healthy and bright eyed and took to the breast. Thanks to all you midwives who safeguard mamas’ hopes for physiologic birth in hospitals!

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